Your new home on the web

Understory is a digital garden, a micro-publishing space for you to plant the seeds of your ideas and grow them into bi-directionally linked web portals.

Come take a walk with us and learn what we're about.


Understory gives you a space to tell your story. A space to grow. A space to flourish. A space that you own, that you control, that you cultivate.

In a world of walled gardens, roam free.

We're tired of our data being walled off into third-party siloes. It's time for us to reclaim the power of our data and create a stable home for our identities online.

Organize your knowledge.

Understory believes that developing our ideas is a never-ending, continuous journey. We don't think in terms of linear connection, polished writing, and "published" ideas, so why are we building our web content this way?

You are unique your online identity should be too. Social media boxes us into prescriptive ideas of who we are to make it easier to collect advertising revenue, while exploiting your data in the process. We make it easier to express yourself in a way that YOU design, in a way that YOU control.

Organize, Together.

Our brains work better together. That's why we're building a knowledge management system that allows you to collaborate and share ideas across organizations. No more siloes, no more walls.

Communities are the heartbeat of our world, and we think every community deserves the tools they need to rally people around a shared vision.

Together, we start to see the whole picture

Understory combines the power of lightweight web-publishing with co-operative data ownership made possible by Solid, creating a whole new way to access and build the web that's accessible to everyone regardless of their ability to write code.

Grow Your Mind

Plant the seeds of your ideas, and nurture them over time. We help you connect the dots and unlock the power of building a second digital brain.

Own Your Data

We operate on the 7 cooperative principles and plan to "exit to community" so that our users can truly own their data without having to learn how to self-host.

Solid makes this possible.
Find out how.

Link Your Ideas

Humans are social, and our orgs are social too. We make it easy to connect across the borders of your communities so that we can all grow towards collective knowledge.

What's Your Story?

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